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Introducing the new NAN OPTIPRO® H.A. 2 & H.A. 3
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Feeding my baby
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Enjoy the benefits of Nestle Baby Club! Nestlé Baby Club is dedicated to support your parenthood journey. We welcome parents with babies after 6 months to 2 years old to sign up and enjoy exclusive member's privileges. We have lots to offer, from resources on baby nutrition to recipes and members only events & promotions....
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Tasty Recipes

Discover nutritious and tasty recipes for baby

Nutritious and tasty recipes for your baby
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Check out the latest product launches, promotions and events for you and baby.

Latest news from Nestle Baby for you and your baby

The full range of Nestlé products specially designed to provide the right nutrition at every stage of development.

Baby Food product for infants above 6 months

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Watching over baby
Little injuries

Your baby’s small injuries Small injuries may play a part in your baby’s daily life. The best solution is always to seek your doctor’s advice. Recommendations for one age may be useful for other ages.

Watching over baby

Curious about your baby’s vision? Your little one sees the world very differently than you do. Here is a guide to the general development of an infant’s eyesight.

Watching over baby
Travelling with baby

Going away with your baby gives you the opportunity to spend time with your family and enjoy their company. To make your trip a success, good preparation and organisation are essential.

Who can mind my baby

Your baby adores being hugged and tickled and loves being looked after by you. Changing and washing her are special moments for you to spend connecting with your baby. A massage can become one of these shared times.

Watching over baby

Unsure about bath time? Here is a step by step guide to baby hygiene to keep your baby clean while bonding.